This probably isn’t going to be the greatest reflection on my 2011 goals, but let’s just get down to it.

  1. Mileage – Holy breaking the consistency, Batman!  After nine solid months consistently above my targeted minimum 104.131456 targeted average for the 2011 kilometer challenge, the taper and recovery of my first marathon in over a year sabotaged the awesomeness.  117, 104, 117, 115, 116,145, 145, 187, 162, and now . . . 95.  Man.  All in the name of proper training I suppose.
    On the other hand, as of the end of October my total mileage for the year was 1303 miles, which is 20971 kilometers.  Which means that while in Houston on business this Wednesday, my eight mile morning run made me an official finisher of the aforementioned challenge.  Go me!
  2. Race Weight – Wow.  October was not a great month for this.  I apparently didn’t note my weight down at all until this morning.  I know I weighed myself at least one or two Fridays this past month, but I didn’t write it down anywhere.  The short result: things crept up a bit.  This was certainly augmented by Halloween candy and that aforementioned business trip to Houston and the mad quantities of cheese I ingested for reasons unknown2, but I was on an upward trend since my marathon anyway.  Hopefully some of it will drop back off as I detox these next couple of weeks and I won’t become part of the statistic I saw posted on a gym in Layton: “The average American gains gains 10 pounds between Halloween and New Year’s.”  I’ve got no idea how accurate this is, but I can believe it.  Let’s end this year on a strong note and buck that trend.
  3. Cross Training – Fail.  I lightened up the week leading up to Layton and told myself I’d get right back in to it during recovery, but I don’t think I’ve touched a weight all throughout October.  (There were costumes to sew, damn it!  I had a few good bike rides, but nothing strength related.  Definitely need to get back on this horse if I’m going to finish the year on a strong note.
  4. Water – Easy.  Peasy.  Lemon squeezy.  Actually, a little bit of a challenge on cold mornings where all I want is tea, but I’m getting better.
  5. Workouts, not just runs – Now that I’m back to running “for real” after Layton, I’m trying to force some speedwork days, and the hills of Mesquite are making hillwork a part of almost every run, but without a plan it’s hard to keep the workouts regular.
  6. 19:00 5k – No plans to attempt this again before the new year.  I’ve got three more marathons to focus on.
  7. 1:32 half marathon –  (Tacoma City Marathon, May 1, 1:29:56)
  8. Another sub-3:30 Marathon – I didn’t make it sub-3:30 at Layton.  I’ll try again at the very downhill Mesquite Tri-State Marathon and Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll.  The Valley of Fire Marathon is also a possibility, but as it’s the day after Mesquite and I’ve never done back-to-back 26.2 milers before, I’m not worrying about pace for that one; just focusing on finishing.
  9. Sub-40:00 10k – No plans to attempt this again before the new year.  I’ve got three more marathons to focus on3.
  10. Blog about something other than my training – Well, there’s my post about Breaking the Cycle, and my wife did a guest post with a recipe for her Yummy Running Fuel Morsels, but that’s about it.  I’ve got a post about the great New York City quandary building up steam in my head, so hopefully that’ll get written soon.

Show 3 footnotes

  1. Actually, it’s 2096.97523 kilometers.
  2. Actually, the reasons are probably tied to the booze that goes along with certain business trips…
  3. Sounds familiar…