Guest post by Ceridwen, a.k.a. the Wife

Only a few days left until my second marathon! I’m mostly excited, but every once in awhile I’ll think about it and my heart will start to pound with nervousness rather than anticipation, but I’m sure I’m ready. My training has been going well and some of the injuries I wound up with have healed well. I’m planning on run/walking and I have my strategy laid out. (I know you’re used to reading Keath’s reports of speediness, so if you get a bug up your ass about slower marathoners, you’re going to want to go ahead and skip these guest posts!)

Yes, I am wearing a sports bra. I have no idea what's going on with my hair.

At the start line of my last marathon, I was still carrying the 15 pounds I had somehow added while marathon training. This time, I am not! On top of keeping up with my kickboxing and weight training, so I lost weight during training this time. A month ago, Keath and I laid off the booze to help us prepare for our marathons. By doing that, I have lost 8 pounds. (Which makes me think I had been drinking just a *bit* too much.) Losing that in such a short period of time is like doping – I’ve felt awesome during my taper runs!

Today I made myself a chocolate version of the cake I made Keath for his marathon. Mmmm, yummy!

I also did my toenails. Somehow I feel like knowing my toenails look pretty under my sneakers will bring me joy.

Messy French pedicure.

To top off my excitement, I got my upgrade e-mail from Delta. We’re going to be flying first class. It will be nice to arrive loose and uncramped.

I’m super excited and looking forward to the whole event. With all the special features along the course, I feel like this will be a great race. I can’t wait!