This probably isn’t going to be the greatest reflection on my 2011 goals, but let’s just get down to it.  The year is over.  And then some.  And I haven’t made any “resolutions” save for a resolution not to make any year-based goals for 2012.  So, before we get to far in to 2012, I’m taking a final look at 2011, in part to clear my mind and see what I want to focus on after tomorrow’s marathon – likely my last until New York City1.

  1. Mileage –   117, 104, 117, 115, 116, 151, 139, 195, 154, 95, 153, and 132.  So, total, 1585 miles or just over 2550 kilometers.  Cleared the 2011 kilometer challenge with no problem, but lost that sense of consistency about half way through the year.  However, overall this is a far more consistent chart than last year, with a lower max mileage and higher min mileage for overall less discrepancy.
    I’m not too disappointed with the inconsistency, though, because what’s happened over the year is that my sense of “high” mileage has changed drastically.  A “short run” is now at least a 10k.  Doing less feels like I’m cheating or something.  And while I haven’t had any really long training runs since my late-year marathon spree, I’ve been running more days per week and I’m feeling more confident about building mileage in 2012.  Exactly how that is going to go I’m not sure of yet, but I’m thinking easing in to some two-run days.
  2. Race Weight – Yeah, totally dropped the ball on this at the end of the year.  Instead of putting on ten pounds between Halloween and New Year’s, I put on almost 10 between Halloween and Thanksgiving, then worked some of it off.  Still, I managed to stay at or below the 150 mark for most of the second half of the year.  I’m continuing to work on this, and have set myself reminders to try and be more consistent about weighing in, but I’m going to put it out of my mind a bit and focus on the overall fitness thing instead of just weight.
  3. Cross Training – I’m getting a little bit better at making this a habit, but it’s not 100% ingrained yet.  I was hit or miss for the last couple of months of the year, but need to move to more hits in 2012.  My wife has helped me build some good varied strength and conditioning workouts that don’t take a lot of time, but I need to be better disciplined about making the time to do these sessions.
  4. Water With bells on, bitches.
  5. Workouts, not just runs – I squeezed in a few speedwork days in the final weeks of 2011, but overall let this effort slide.  It’s definitely a focus for 2012.
  6. 19:00 5k – Didn’t have another chance to go for this in 2011, but my only goal for 2012 is to focus on breaking some PRs, 5k included.  CRUSH!!!!
  7. 1:32 half marathon –  (Tacoma City Marathon, May 1, 1:29:56)
  8. Another sub-3:30 Marathon (Mesquite Tri-State Marathon, November 19, 3:20:24, and Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll, December 4, 3:26:38)
  9. Sub-40:00 10k – Ibid item 6.  Including the CRUSH!!!!
  10. Blog about something other than my training – Ehhh….

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  1. Yes, I decided on shelling out the mad ducats and registered for NYC2012.